8 children's antics with their parents' smartphone

8 children's antics with their parents' smartphone

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At 18 months old, she was thrilled to hear her parents talk about the holidays. As they were still not clear about the destination, he grabbed his mother's cell phone and booked some flights ... to Spain! It seems incredible, but it is a true story. It has happened in England.

The little he had no problem browsing the internet with his mother's smartphone, look for a flight page and book the trip through paypal, hitting the confirmation letters by chance. But this little prank is no longer surprising. It occurs on more occasions than we imagine. Has something similar ever happened to you?

For them it is a game. But for you it can be a problem. Children seem to be born with the innate knowledge of the use of mobiles and tablets. They handle them perfectly from the year. But, obviously, since they can't read, sometimes they 'screw it up' ... Do you remember the last mischief your son did with his mobile? Here are the most common cases in real life:

1. Buy apps. They are the cases that occur the most, without a doubt. The little ones have a tremendous facility when it comes to getting into the integrated shopping application of the phone or tablet. If you have an email linked to a shopping account, the child will only have to click the buy button. Games often include additional purchases, which appear in the middle of the game, and which many children accidentally accept ...

2. Download songs and movies. Through mobile there is also this possibility, without a doubt, of downloading music or videos through various servers.

3. Subscribe to Youtube channels. Children love browsing YouTube. And they are attracted by the red buttons to subscribe to a channel, as well as the 'little hands' of like and dislike. Many of them hit it without knowing what they are doing.

4. Buy with paypal. One of the great (and expensive) pranks of children. Many people have their paypal account linked to their mobile. There is no faster and easier way to buy ... and dangerous (in case of leaving the mobile phone to the child).

5. Participate in sweepstakes. A 2-year-old boy recently managed to win a car on the eBay page. He entered a sweepstakes page with his parents' smartphone and asked him to participate. Obviously, this kind of mischief has no reprimand ...

6. Post on social networks. The most normal thing is that we have our social networks on the smartphone or tablet. And the most normal thing, too, is that we don't close them. It's very easy for a child to get on Facebook and post a photo 'inadvertently'. Among other things, because you do not need a confirmation key.

7. Calls to emergencies or unknown numbers. Children are very skilled at locating the agenda and calling. but there is also the case of children who dial numbers by chance and end up calling abroad, or the mobile phones of unknown people. And of course, there is also a lot the case of children who dial the emergency phone.

8. Enter WhatsApp. It will not be the first or the last time we receive a message like this: fhjksahfjrll. The explanation? A child wrote with his parents' smartphone.

To avoid all these tricks, it is best to prevent. For that, you can follow these tips:

- Exist specific applications to protect the mobile from the mischief of children. The purpose of these applications is to create safe browsing so that children cannot make in-app purchases, unnecessary calls or download inappropriate content. You get something like a 'kids mode or space'.

- Use special tablets for children. There are tablets on the market that are already prepared for children. This will avoid having to install the parental filter.

- Install a parental filter. Both android and IOS have the ability to block certain content, and create a confirmation password for purchases.

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