10 vintage names for boys

10 vintage names for boys

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The almost obsolete names are back in fashion. If you are pregnant with a boy and you have not yet chosen what it will be called, we suggest some ideas of vintage names and their meaning that are trending today.

1. Thaddeus: It is a name of Aramaic origin and means a man with a strong, brave chest. He is the protagonist of a famous Spanish animated film and the name chosen by the singer Miguel Bosé for one of his twins.

2. Telmo: This name means 'the one who protects' and is of German origin. It is the name chosen by the singer Miguel Bosé for one of his four children. Also the son of the politician Borja Sémper and the actress Bárbara Goenaga is called Telmo.

3. Oriol: Name of Catalan origin whose meaning is golden, gold. It stopped being used as a name in the Middle Ages to be used as a surname. Today it is back in fashion.

4. Valentino: Name that means 'the one who possesses a great fortress'. It is of Latin origin. Singer Ricky Martin made this name popular again by giving it to one of his twin sons.

5. Tristan: It is of Celtic origin and means 'unknown and noise'. It is the name that actress Elsa Pataky chose for one of her twin children.

6. Cayetano: This name means 'the great stone' and originally from Caieta or Gaeta and comes from Latin. It is most used in the Andalusia area.

7. Martin: It comes from Latin and means 'warrior'. The footballer Íker Casillas and the journalist Sara Carbonero chose this name for their first-born.

8. Hernán: Name very used in Spain in medieval times. It means 'brave, intelligent warrior', and is of German origin.

9. Leo: comes from Latin and means 'lion'. Some celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem or the soccer player Fernando Torres have chosen it for their children.

10. Bertran: It is of German origin, it means illustrious warrior and it is a variant of the name Beltrán. Also very fashionable in recent years.

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