Why are there families in which only boys or girls are born

Why are there families in which only boys or girls are born

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The Underdahl family just welcomed their baby: Aurelia Marie Ann. The news does not seem surprising, one more birth in a world full of them, however, this case is special, She is the first girl to enter the family in more than 100 years of male births, a whole record.

They are not uncommon cases, there are families in which there is no way for the expected girl or boy to arrive and, pregnancy after pregnancy, the sex of the baby is always the same. Why is this happening? Does genetics influence when having a baby of a certain sex?

Ashton Underdahl, the happy mother, has explained that she always knew that her husband's family had a long history of male births, so curious was the story that they began to dive into his family tree looking for the birth of a girl, not they found until 1914. Aurelia Marie Ann has broken a record as soon as she was born, However, it is not an isolated event, there are thousands of families in which there is a certain willingness to have babies of a certain sex. Without going any further, in my husband's family only children are born, so much so that I have three.

But, Is it a coincidence or is there a genetic tendency? The sex of the baby ends during conception. In girls, the pair of chromosomes that determine sex are identical: XX, while in men, half the sperm carry X and the other Y. When a sperm with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the baby will be a girl, if the sperm carries the Y chromosome, then a process will be activated by which, among other things, the development of testicles will begin and the formation of female genitalia will be inhibited, the baby will be a boy.

There are studies that talk about certain 'aids' to have a baby of the desired sex: feeding, the date of conception, the age at which it is conceived ...

Nevertheless, for experts, genetics have no influence on the sex of the baby, for them sex is determined by ... chance! Although chance does not explain why more boys are born than girls, but that is another story.

Some studies also mention the existence of a lethal gene for a certain sex, which may or may not be transmitted. What happens in these cases is that after fertilization the embryo is unable to survive. This would explain the prevalence in some families at births only to boys or girls.

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