Game to teach prefixes and suffixes to children

Game to teach prefixes and suffixes to children

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Suffixes and prefixes allow children to obtain derived words. They can be a lot of fun to play with. Here is an original idea to teach children to use prefixes and suffixes in a fun and entertaining way.

- The prefix is a particle that is attached to a word or a base to form derived words at the end of the word. Among the most common: A, an, ante, anti, bi, bis, de, co, con, contra, des, en, entre, ex, extra, hemi, hiper, hipo, im, in, inter, pre, post , re, sub, tele, super, ultra. For example: Great-grandfather, choppy, impossible, underwater, extraordinary, etc.

- When they go to the end of the word they are called suffixes, and among them are augmentative, diminutive or derogatory suffixes: Azo, ón, ote, ito, ita, illo, illa, ico, ica, aco, acho, ajo, astro, ucho (puppy, big, poblacho, bed, skinny, etc.); lnoun suffixes: Aje, old, ante, al, ar, ario, tion, dad, dor, eda, ería, ero, ez, ista, ura (Swell, merchant, calendar, brevity, alarm clock, grove, bandit, trapeze artist, sweetness, etc. ); ladjective suffixes: Able, ible, ado, gone, anus, al, ar, ense, eño, iento, il, ino, izo, bear, udo (Friendly, lucky, Murcian, aquiline, juvenile, canine, leaden, honeyed, bony, etc) Y verb suffixes: Ear, ecer, hoist, hoist (Walk, dawn, identify, channel, etc).

We suggest you play with the children with 'The rescuers of prefixes and suffixes'. First it would be good if you told this story:

'In the realm of words, there was once such a strong gale that it destroyed the houses of derived words, the houses of prefixes and suffixes, and only the walls of the buildings were left standing. The words that flew out of their homes ended up in the "FOREST OF SILENCE" and there they found themselves very sad, silent and totally disoriented without knowing how to return to their homes, until one day their rescuers arrived. '

1. We will tell you that they will be "THE RESCUERS", and they will take care of taking word for word back to your house and also, will build a new so they can have a home again and be as happy as they were before.

2. "THE FOREST OF SILENCE", (can be a large table, a box decorated with trees and plants, an area in the garden, etc.) will be filled with cards with derived words in which the prefix and suffix will be highlighted in another color.

3. On the other hand we will draw the outline of two large houses in the blackboard of the class, (or in the area that the game supervisor wishes, it can be on a blank wall with colored paper, a tree in the garden and leaves or fruits hanging, etc.) one will be the house of the prefixes and the other that of the suffixes (we will put some signs under each one of them so that they are not mistaken).

4. For the children to see the dynamics of the game, the first card can be chosen by the teacher (or parents).

5. Each child You must choose at random and respecting your turn a card from the 'forest of silence' and it will find out if it contains a prefix or a suffix. Once the doubts, if any, have been clarified, he will recite aloud:

What is my name prefix

I always put myself in front,

and if you know me well

you will find my house instantly.

(And he will place his card next to the house of prefixes).

What is my name suffix

I always put myself at the end

and if you know me well

you will find my home the same.

(And you will place your card next to the suffix house.)

6. Once the word is correctly placed next to the corresponding house, either the prefixes or suffixes, each child you will draw the part of it you want, for example, a window, the fireplace, the door, a flower in the garden, the sun, etc. in reward for their good work. In the following rounds, (we can lengthen the game whatever we want), they can color the two houses equally as they place the words in their place. We will also make some beautiful new signs that we will put at the top with the name of each one.

7. At the end of the game, prefixes and suffixes will have a nice home Thanks to the knowledge, collaboration and imagination of 'the rescuers', that is to say of all the children and to celebrate it we can have a party and some photos in front of the two beautiful houses so that they remain in the memory of all. Also with this game they will learn values ​​such as solidarity and cooperation that are so important in life.

To finish I leave you a thought of Mateo Alemán (1547-1613). Spanish novelist. "Help in need, even if it is little, helps a lot."

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