The lies of a mother

The lies of a mother

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It is advisable not to repeat the lies frequently so that the children, who are very clever, do not doubt their truthfulness. These little lies typical of parents have one purpose: that children obey. Some of the most common lies of a mother are: 'if you tell me, I won't punish you or get up, it's already nine o'clock ...' Do they sound familiar?

Surely, like me, you have ever been forced to tell your children some well-intentioned lie to get them to wake up, do what they should on time or tell you what you are wanting to hear. Some of the most famous lies of mothers are actually good advice such as' if you get too close to the television screen, it will damage your eyes', 'it is too cold, bundle up you are going to catch a cold', 'let cracking your fingers or you will get arthritis ',' wash behind your ears or you will get barnacles ',' if you swallow the gum, it will stick to your stomach ", 'if you play with toads and frogs, you will get warts' and the top ten of all of them, 'get down, you'll open your head'.

But the lies that mom and dad tell are not all as innocent as these, some come straight from the soul and reach the heart. They are touched by being charged with love and generosity because dedication to their children, especially in difficult times, has made many parents sacrifice even their food ration to give it to their children.

I will never be able to forget a story that I read a long time ago based on the life event of a dedicated mother worried about raising her son. Throughout his life, he had to tell her a few lies that are the greatest testimony of generosity I have ever known. Thus, when the country where they lived recovered from the devastating disaster of the civil war, men and women stood in long lines to get a small portion of food. When, after spending all morning waiting, that mother had only got a small portion of bread, she handed it to her son saying: 'You eat it, I'm not hungry.

Shortly after, she managed to earn some money sewing pants. To finish them and fulfill the orders on time, she stayed to sew at night by candlelight and when her son got up, she told him to 'go to sleep calmly that she was not tired'. After the death of her husband, she had to unfold and assume the role of father and mother. Obsessed with studying her son, her financial situation worsened and her family advised her to remarry. However, when asked by her son if she would, she replied that she 'didn't need any more love than hers'.

And finally, when she was already old and sick, she was diagnosed with cancer, her son came to see her. Finding her so weak lying on the bed, he began to cry. Seeing the tears in her son's eyes, she told him, 'don't cry, if it doesn't hurt.'

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