Karaoke. Play, fun and learning for children

Karaoke. Play, fun and learning for children

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Who has not ever been to karaoke? It's hard to resist those two minutes of 'glory', where most of us put the audience's ears to the test by going off-key and 'destroying' a song. And, if we know that we sing fatally, why do we do it? The answer is simple: it's fun. It may seem like child's play, but we adults enjoy it even more than the little ones. This is why it is an ideal entertainment to do with the family.

Karaoke was born in Japan where for years it has been very popular to entertain meals and meetings singing for those present. It spread so much that even video game companies brought out well-known karaokes to sing at home with family, friends, only children ... Far from being mere entertainment, karaoke is also very beneficial for children:

- Songs are an ideal medium for children's learning as it helps them expand their vocabulary.

- Singing helps children to be happier.

- Songs develop children's creativity and imagination.

- It helps them with learning to read, by having to follow the lyrics of the song that appears on the screen.

- Singing helps children improve their ability to concentrate and stimulates their memory.

- Songs allow children to take an interest in music and improve their musical skills.

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