Water bottle with Canpol tube

Water bottle with Canpol tube

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The inconspicuous, colorful water bottle equipped with a Canpol tube will appeal to your little one perfectly. The water bottle is available in different colors, so everyone will find something for themselves.
The mouthpiece in the form of a tube is very practical and, above all, replaces bottle feeding. The tube has been designed so that the liquid does not escape by itself from the water bottle.

To drink from the water bottle, you first need to lightly press the tube, which for a beginner can be a problem and discourage from using the water bottle. Once the toddler has mastered the art of drinking from a Canpol water bottle, it will be difficult to change the cup, because it is a great companion for all trips, especially since it has a protective cover and a hook that allows attachment to e.g. a belt.

Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of the water bottle is the inability to clean the tube (as with any straw), it can not be cleaned in any way, so the bottle needs to be changed frequently.


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