5 most popular beauty myths in pregnancy

5 most popular beauty myths in pregnancy

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For the women pregnant, physical appearance is also important in the process of becoming a mother. During the nine months of pregnancy there are many aesthetic issues to consider, such as the new size of clothes, intimate waxing or even beauty aspects such as hair dye or how to paint your toenails with an advanced stage of pregnancy. .

However, as with food in pregnancy, there are several myths that surround the beauty of pregnant women. In we discover what is true in matters that have to do with aesthetics before the baby is born.

1. Hair dyeing prohibited. It is one of the most widespread myths about pregnancy, and it is the one that has to do with hair coloring during pregnancy. There is no scientific basis that really ensures that it affects the baby and its formation, but it is true that caution must be exercised when using dyes. To avoid problems, it is better to use vegetable dyes and do not have too many chemical components, as well as space the dyeing processes in time.

2. Sports forbidden. Pregnancy is not a disease, although it is one of the most delicate states that a woman can go through in her life. For this reason, sport is not prohibited until the final stretch of pregnancy. Physical exercise can be done, although it is evident that the level of demand should be lower, as well as the type of activity, which does not mean that it has to be completely eliminated if the pregnancy is normal. Some of the best sports for future moms are yoga, Pilates, or moderate swimming.

3. Not to the bathrooms or spa. This is another myth that does not fit reality, at least not throughout pregnancy. It is true that spas or baths are not recommended in the final stretch of pregnancy or in the last trimester, but it is not true that it is prohibited during the nine months. It's all due to contact with hot water, which can lower blood pressure and even contribute to the risk of miscarriage in the first few weeks.

4. Can't hold the line. This is the biggest pregnancy myth, fortunately more and more gynecologists help to eliminate it. The 'eating for two' concept of years ago allowed women to eat as much as they wanted without worrying about extra pounds. This is false and also very negative, since it does not only have to do with being in good physical shape, but also concerns the risks for both the child and the baby when eating too much. It is very harmful to health to eat excessively, and it is necessary to maintain the ideal weight indicated by the doctor for pregnancy.

5. Cravings cause blemishes. Another issue related to pregnancy is the one that has to do with cravings. While many women claim to feel like eating certain foods that in other cases they would not eat under any circumstances, for others the concept of craving does not exist in the entire pregnancy. Regardless of the gastronomic whims of some pregnant women, this is not the myth, but the conception that the figure of the food in question will magically appear in the form of a spot or place on the skin of the future baby.

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