Anxiety and stress in children. Why it occurs

Anxiety and stress in children. Why it occurs

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When the child looks subjected to a series of changes important in your life, you can be irritable, nervous, upset and overwhelmed by the situation. We say then that the child suffers from a picture of stress and anxiety. The reasons can be very varied and the consequences very different for each child. Learn to detect child stress symptoms early, because you will play a very important role in helping your child.

Child stress almost always occurs in a situation of change. And not only in the face of negative changes. You can also suffer child stress before positive changes. The reasons can be multiple, from the loss of a loved one or the separation or conflict of the parents to a change of school or home. This situation of uncertainty, novelty and fear of the unknown, can lead to a picture of anxiety.

Illnesses (own or someone you love) or a sudden increase in class assignments are also causes of childhood stress. For him it represents a novelty in his life. There are children who adapt better to changes. But for others, instead, they represent a new world that they do not know how to face.

Stress blocks the child. That is why it reacts unpredictably. The most normal thing is that the child does not realize that he is under stress. Therefore, parents should be the ones who are attentive to these symptoms:

1. Loss of appetite, headache, stomach pain

2. Nightmares, sleep disturbances

3. Sudden onset of enuresis when I was over it

4. Mood alteration: anger, crying, whining, tantrums, aggressive behavior

5. Fear of moving away from the adult

6. Appearance of new fears, inability to concentrate

7. Regression to childhood behaviors

8. Anxiety

Parents play a decisive role in dealing with their children's stress. They have to understand why they suffer from anxiety and try to show understanding. Here are some tips to make your child feel calmer and face changes with less anxiety:

- Talk to him. Ask what their fears are, their concerns. Explain what's wrong

- Take him to quiet places, where he can relax

- Strengthens your self-esteem. Do not scold him for having that behavior

- Don't use punishment. Better if during this stage you use more positive reinforcements

- Encourage your child to do physical exercise

- Seek professional help if you can't eliminate your child's anxiety

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