Low self-esteem: consequence of childhood enuresis

Low self-esteem: consequence of childhood enuresis

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How to help your child improve his self-esteem? One of the most feared consequences of enuresis is the lack of self-esteem that it can generate in children. A negative effect that mainly affects children who continue to register urinary incontinence problems with more than 10 years of age and that can cause the ridicule of their peers.

It should not be forgotten that, according to the latest statistics in the world, 8 to 18 percent of the population of children (men and women) older than 5 years of age has this disorder. In any case, the self-esteem of our children can be affected to a greater or lesser degree depending on the support that each child receives from the family and the situations that arise around them (mainly the child's family, social and school environment).

This is something that we must take into account because it can cause insecurity, turn them into introverted children, with depressive, disabled or violent tendencies.

What should be the attitude of parents towards their child's enuresis? Here you have a guide on how parents can strengthen their child's self-esteem and prevent it from becoming another aggravation of the disease.

1. To support children's self-esteem, focus attention on their strengths and not their weaknesses. In this way the little one will feel motivated to connect with the best of himself.
2. Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve children's self-esteem. When they exercise, they feel great about themselves.
3. Listen to them warmly and actively and, above all, without distractions.
4. Give them unconditional acceptance.
5. Always give them a positive response.
6. Avoid comparisons or praise of the type 'you are almost at the level of your brother'.
7. Promote a space of autonomy and freedom without forgetting the limits and maintaining a line of respect.
8. Give responsibility to children, trusting them.
9. Avoid reprimands in class and humiliating treatment.

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