Seborrhea and other scalp problems in children

Seborrhea and other scalp problems in children

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Children can also have scalp problems, just like adults. For many children it is a very delicate area that is necessary to take care of with mild shampoos adapted to childhood and to stop in time the discomfort caused by some illnesses such as seborrhea, nits and lice or fungi. In We found the information on children's scalp problems.

- Seborrhea. It's one of the most common problems on the scalp of children, although it can also affect pregnant women. It is an excess of fat that occurs on the head and affects the hair, causing it to appear dandruff at an early age, that the scalp swell and that it is reddish. Scales may also appear on the head due to the alteration of the sebaceous glands. The way to treat this common disease is with a treatment that is not aggressive to the child's head, the use of chemical-free shampoos and controlled medication in cases where seborrhea in the ears or other areas of the skin is very advanced.

- Nits and lice. A classic in the infant scalp It is the sudden appearance of nits and lice. Nits are the eggs that lice deposit on children's hair, which will turn into lice if they are not detected and removed quickly, since they take about 10 days to grow. Detection is easy, since itching in all areas of the head is constant and children scratch their heads without stopping.

Treatment consists of removing them with a special barbed comb, which is the one that will help as the hair is brushed to catch the nits and lice, as well as the lifeless eggs that remain on the scalp. However, the comb is not the only thing to consider, since there are also special treatments such as sprays, shampoos and even lotions or foams that help these eggs to die, and that it is much easier to remove them.

- Fungal infection. Although it may seem strange, fungi also lodge on the scalp, and can precisely bother children much more. This type of infection can also be called ringworm of the scalp and can be contracted, like foot fungus, in public spaces such as swimming pools or places where there is a lot of crowding. Detecting it is simple, since the scalp becomes severely inflamed, and there are also scaly or hairless areas of the head, in addition to itching.

To end this problem, it is necessary to go to the dermatologist's office, who will be the one who will provide an oral medication that ends the discomfort. Meanwhile at home it is necessary to wash the child's head with great care, using very mild shampoos With hardly any chemical components, but always keep the area in question clean. It is necessary to wash it with warm water and applying the shampoo with a gentle massage.

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