6 tips from Google for children to surf safely

6 tips from Google for children to surf safely

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Google's protection systems do everything possible to maintain safe browsing through data encryption, the notifications it sends when we enter non-secure pages or internal tools to secure each of the products. What's more, Google has a team of more than 500 privacy experts to ensure good browsing. However, we can also implement certain security measures to ensure navigation for the whole family.

1- Protect passwords: we must use different passwords in each of the important accounts that we have, either the email or the bank account. Also, this password must be long and made up of numbers, letters and symbols. Although it seems complicated, it is important to do it because it takes only 10 minutes to hack a 6 character password in lowercase).

2- Activate the two-step security verification and the security key.

3- Check the security and privacy preferences in your Google accounts (My account), delete your data or download it.

4. Search filter: Did you know that Google has a secure search filter? You can teach your children to use it to perform searches and also to be aware of notifications of access to non-secure pages.

5- Parental controls: Android allows you to activate parental controls, something very useful since many children access content on the Internet through their parents' mobile devices. YouTube also has this same tool so that the content that the child sees is appropriate to his age and is not offensive.

6- Content for families: You can configure content for families on Google Play to ensure that the apps your child downloads are appropriate.

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