Comma. Short poem for children

Comma. Short poem for children

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Comma it is a very important spelling sign, because depending on its position, it can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, it is important to use it correctly.

With this short, rhyming poem, 'The Comma', kids will have fun and learn what happens when we change the position of the comma. Practice reading attention and comprehension with them with this entertaining and didactic poem.

I was walking in a sentence

a very naughty coma,

thinking where to stay

to surprise.

He met some children

At lunch time,

and started playing with them

denying what they asked for.

'We don't want to have soup'

the two children said,

but the comma appeared

and they were given two pots.

No, we want to have soup.

'We don't want to eat meat'

the children protested

but skipping the comma,

They ate two cheeks!

No, we want to eat meat.

'No, we want more ice cream,

vanilla and lemon ',

how the coma fell asleep,

they binged.

No, we want more ice cream.

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