What to do if the child has a seizure of epilepsy

What to do if the child has a seizure of epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system characterized by seizures or seizures. They are brief episodes in which muscle contractions occur that affect a part of the body or all. Sometimes it can cause loss of consciousness. Epilepsy affects people of all ages, and about 1% of children have it.

According to World Health Organization, in the world there are about 50 million people with epilepsy and of them, 80% come from developing regions. In most cases, epilepsy does not have a clear cause, although the best known are: injuries during childbirth, congenital malformations, brain infections, genetic syndromes or brain tumors.

It is important to know how we should react if a child is having an epileptic seizure.

1- It is important to remain calm and not act nervously or hastily.

2- Try not to injure the child during seizures and remove everything that could cause harm from around him.

3- Put something soft under his head.

4- If you wear clothing that can oppress you, it is convenient to unbutton it.

5- Place the child on his side so that he can breathe more easily.

6- Wait with the child until the crisis is over, let him rest and recover before he gets up.

7- Control the time that the crisis lasts, if it lasts for more than five minutes or is the second in a row, an ambulance must be called.

1- Do not hold the child to prevent him from moving.

2- Do not put anything in your mouth during the crisis.


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