Homemade empanada recipes for the whole family

Homemade empanada recipes for the whole family

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Empanadas are a very versatile food since it allows multiple mixes and possibilities. On our site we suggest you even make the dough at home and fill it to your liking.

But, if you prefer not to innovate and follow some recipes, we propose a series of empanadas with which success is assured. Not a single piece will be left on the plate!

Here you will find recipes, step by step, of the best and most typical empanadas in the world. Learn how to make them very easily

Dough for empanada. It is very possible that you have used the empanada dough that they sell in stores to make your empanadas, but on our site we suggest you make it by hand, following the grandmother's recipe.

Argentine pie. How to make an Argentine or Creole empanada step by step. Easy and traditional recipes for children. Argentine empanadas are an ideal recipe for a family meal, a birthday or an informal buffet.

Yucca empanadas. If you want to learn how to make yuca empanadas, sucking your fingers, follow this recipe. An easy Peruvian recipe to make with children. Cassava empanadas stuffed with cheese. Traditional dish from Peru. Prepare some cassava empanadas step by step. our site has prepared one of the richest recipes in Peru.

Chicken empanada. Chicken patty recipe. Ideal for dinner or lunch, picnic or children's birthday party. Easy and quick recipe to prepare for children.

Stuffed Peruvian empanada. Recipe for empanadas stuffed with meat. our site offers a Peruvian recipe that children will love: stuffed empanadas. An easy and very versatile recipe for the whole family.

Galician pie. Galician empanada can be taken both during Carnival days and at any time of the year. This recipe for empanada de lomo, or 'raxo', is perfect for kids.

Tuna Empanadas. Tuna dumplings recipe for celiac children. For celiac children you can make these gluten-free tuna dumplings, a simple meal for any occasion.

Sweet patties. Dumplings are a very common food at children's dinners, due to the simplicity of their preparation and the wide variety of fillings that it admits, such as this recipe for children for sweet dumplings.

Empanadas with corn. We propose a recipe for children of still baked dumplings, nutritious and exquisite at the same time for the whole family's dinner. Easy recipe for tuna dumplings for children. How to make baked dumplings.

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