Safety in playgrounds

Safety in playgrounds

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According to article 31 of the Children's rights convention, gambling is a right that we must guarantee. For this, it is necessary to provide green areas and free spaces with playgrounds for boys and girls.

Waiting for the European Regulation on Safety in Children's Play Areas is mandatory in Spain, the following Decalogue for the Improvement of Playgrounds has been presented, in order to promote the recreational aspect of them without forgetting the safety criteria:

In order to guarantee the child's right to play, it is important to ensure safety in playgrounds by following these guidelines:

1. The location of children's areas and complementary services. They must be more than 30 meters from road traffic and their perimeter must be fenced with shrubs or walls, for better protection of children.

2. These areas must be sufficiently protected from external risks.

3. Playgrounds must be easily accessible, especially for disabled people. They must be created for the enjoyment of all types of visitors. Steps should be avoided, as well as any other type of difficulty.

4. The age of the children who can use the games must be correctly indicated, where to go in case of detecting damage or dangerous situations, as well as the location of the nearest health centers.

5. The installation of the games must respect the minimum safety distances between them and offer enough obstacle-free space.

6. Games must be safe and resistant, with firm and stable fasteners, as well as visually appealing, in a way that they are stimulating for children. Swings, seesaws, slides and other structures must be made of non-toxic materials and free from conductors of electricity. Metallic elements will be replaced by treated wood and plastics. Overhangs and edges will be avoided in its structure.

7. The floor must be made of suitable materials to absorb shocks and falls. Hard surfaces such as concrete or stone should be replaced by rubber and synthetic materials. In the case of the sandy area, efficient maintenance and renovation is required.

8. Play areas will be kept in perfect clean condition. Likewise, the entry of animals will be prevented through effective systems.

9. An inspection service will guarantee with the necessary periodicity the adequate conservation and hygiene of the playgrounds.

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