Mom, what am I going to give my teacher?

When we were little, it was a custom in my house, when we finished a school year, that my brothers and I went out with our mother to buy gifts for our teachers. My mother said it was a way of thanking them for how much they have taught us throughout the year. I have kept this tradition with my daughter, but with a difference.

We not only buy gifts for his school teacher, but also the piano, music, tennis, English teacher, ... they empty our pockets!

The end of the course comes and the story repeats but with the difference that the "little detail" is no longer valid. Children ask for special, original, and expensive gifts, of course. Having seen what we have seen, what the parents of my daughter's friends and I decided years ago was to make a joint gift to teachers. In the end we all leave satisfied, children, parents and teachers, and we avoid comparisons between the gifts of each child.

I, in particular, believe that the best gift that a child can give his teachers is the one that comes from his heart, from his own creation, for example. When my daughter was very little and began to write and draw, we used to give drawings or some crafts to her teacher.

There was a year when we made a delicious and rich cake because my daughter told me that her teacher loved brownies. Well, we did it together, sharing tasks in the kitchen. It was a great idea! Is that although you may not believe it, there are teachers who value more gifts that do not require a financial outlay.

Gift ideas are abundant, although we always go around the subject. The good thing is that each teacher my daughter has has a particular taste.

The one at school seems to be a more classical woman. According to my little girl, she always dresses in a suit, wears pearl necklaces and earrings, silk neck scarves and makeup.

The piano woman is an old lady, but she has very modern tastes. She loves colorful jewelery, necklaces and bracelets, patterned blouses, and chocolate bonbons.

His tennis teacher is very athletic, but he also likes architecture and suspense books. Her English teacher is a very nice, cheerful lady who loves traveling, decorative objects, flowers and perfumes. I know all that from my daughter. It's that girls, especially, are very observant. They don't miss a single detail!

Children love it when they notice that the gift has made their teacher happy. In Spain, teachers are usually given gifts at the end of each course and at Christmas, but I know that in other countries, in addition to these festivities, gifts are also given for the Teacher's Day and for his birthday. When do you usually give gifts to your children's teachers? What kind of gifts do they choose? And why do you usually give gifts to your children's teacher?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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