Aikido and children. Martial art

Aikido and children. Martial art

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Aikido is a martial art that has its origin in Japan and in which the idea of ​​competition is excluded and therefore there are no tournaments. Its name refers to harmony, the path and energy.

Some voices call it 'the martial art of peace', since it is a non-violent or aggressive discipline that seeks to avoid fighting by trying to dissuade the adversary using defense without weapons.

The founder of Aikido was Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), although he is better known as O-Sensei, and after studying in various martial arts schools he put the discipline of Aikido into practice by developing a martial art capable of integrating the person in all its aspects: physical, mental and spiritual. These are the 5 basic principles of Aikido:

1. Aikido is a path of personal improvement, overcoming obstacles.

2. Use your mind as the main tool, since it is the path that links all the paths of the universe for all eternity.

3. Violence is nothing more than a reflection of people's insecurities. Aikido helps to control it. No harm is needed to defend yourself.

4. The path of strength and compassion leads to infinite perfection.

5. Aikido means Union and harmony. All the elements make up a whole.

In Aikido the attacker's own strength is used to project it in such a way that the attack is avoided by facing grabs and blows. This martial art develops a set of control and projection techniques with which flexibility is developed while helping to improve our body posture.

In Aikido dynamic body movement is used to neutralize the attacks. Being a martial art that does not pursue violence, physical strength is not needed to practice it. It is also a training method accessible to men, women and children of all ages, physical conditions and abilities, since it is carried out progressively allowing everyone to evolve according to their own abilities, developing both the body and the mind.

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