What is folic acid for in pregnancy

What is folic acid for in pregnancy

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The folic acid It is one of the B vitamins and is essential during pregnancy. Although it is important in more stages of life such as childhood or adolescence, for pregnant women it is very relevant because it helps baby growth inside the mother.

Folic acid is a highly recommended vitamin supplement in pregnancy because it contributes to the correct development of the child and also to prevent problems such as spina bifida. In We discovered the usefulness of folic acid in pregnancy, a vitamin that is necessary to ingest day after day.

The folic acid It is not an exclusive vitamin supplement for pregnant women, but also for women who are in full conception, looking for a pregnancy. Women who have ingested folic acid before becoming pregnant can contribute to the perfect baby's physical and brain developmentas well as the fact that your chances of getting spina bifida will be reduced. Folic acid can be supplied by the gynecologist in drugs, but it is also found in different foods.

For pregnant women, these foods with folic acid are essential to continue with a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. Are the green leafy vegetables, dried fruits such as peanuts or walnuts, lentils or broccoli, and also citrus fruits such as orange. This vitamin B 9 which is folic acid will also help in pregnancy to strengthen the immune system of the mother and also the baby, as well as prevent not only brain but also cardiovascular diseases.

Folic acid is necessary to consume it both in food and as a medical supplement day after day in pregnancy, because in addition to preventing future spina bifida or brain problems in the baby, this B group vitamin is essential for the functioning of DNA, so that the mother does not suffer from anemia or preeclampsia in pregnancy.

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