10 games and activities to stimulate children's skills

10 games and activities to stimulate children's skills

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Ten ways to develop children's abilities


If we want to develop children's tactile skills, it is highly recommended that they paint with their fingers. Thus, they will not only be exercising their creativity, they will also strengthen their sense of touch when painting on different surfaces.

Hopscotch, the traditional game of jumping on one leg to the square where you have thrown your tile, is a great activity for developing gross motor skills such as balance or social interaction.

Both listening to music and creating it have many benefits for children. Creativity, improvisation, coordination or fine motor skills are some of the abilities that our children will develop.

Puppets or theater stimulate creativity and imagination by having to create different situations or characters. In addition, they favor empathy and communication with the other interpreters around them.

Considered one of the most complete games to develop the human intellect, chess encourages children to create strategies, develop logic, make decisions or concentrate to increase their deduction.

Social skills such as communication and values ​​such as respect, tolerance, companionship and empathy will be acquired by children in team sports. Soccer, basketball and handball will contribute much more than just physical exercise.

Language, diction and memory are the skills that children will improve thanks to tongue twisters.

Among all the activities to develop children's skills, putting together a puzzle is one of the most effective. With this simple game, the little ones will be able to develop their analytical skills, their visual memory and, above all, their patience.

To enhance concentration, stimulate creativity and work on intelligence, it is recommended that the child paint mandalas. In addition, they can be used to meditate and help a lot to treat hyperactivity.

Art of Japanese origin, also called origami, is helpful in improving fine motor skills, muscle and bone coordination to produce small precision movements such as writing and drawing.


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