What is Enterovirus and how does it affect children?

What is Enterovirus and how does it affect children?

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The enterovirus is a viral disease which usually attacks the digestive system or the respiratory system. It is not a serious illness. However, in some cases (especially young children), it can be aggravated. This is the case, for example, of children with asthma.

There are up to 60 different types of enteroviruses. Some of them cause such well-known diseases as conjunctivitis, polio or encephalitis.

Enterovirus D68, one of the most common enteroviruses, primarily affects the respiratory system, but it can affect the motor system. It is transmitted through saliva, sweat, or nasal fluids. In other words, it can be spread by coughing, sneezing, or by being near an infected person.

In the case of adults, it is not serious, but if it affects babies or young children, the symptoms can be aggravated, especially in the case of children with asthma. Enterovirus is diagnosed by testing fluid taken from the throat or nose.

Enterovirus D68 it may have respiratory symptoms very similar to those of the flu. They are usually mild, but if they become severe, they may require hospitalization. In rare cases, neurological problems also occur. Among the main symptoms that can occur with this disease, are the following:

- Drowsiness, weakness

- Tremors and joint pain

- Slight fever

- Wheezing (whistling)

- Lymphocytic meningintis

As it is a very contagious virus, the best form of prevention is through scrupulous hygiene measures. Above all, it is essential to wash your hands very well with soap and water. If the child begins to present symptoms of enterovirus, it is advisable not to take him to the nursery or school.

Enterovirus is the second leading cause of viral illnesses after viruses that cause colds. As in almost all cases of viral diseases, there is no treatment. The disease will go away on its own. For children with aggravated respiratory symptoms, they may need hospital care.

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