Slapping and slapping are not educational

Slapping and slapping are not educational

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Slapping a child is an action that raises controversy among parents. Many are totally against physical punishment of children, while there are those who believe that nothing happens by spanking from time to time.

Psychologists, pedagogues, politicians and parents' associations come out in defense of the physical integrity of the child, all of them with a unique message: corporal punishment is not educational, not even mild.

Slapping a child at a certain moment and even in the face of a bad action by the minor, only responds to an impossibility or inability of parents to deal with misbehavior in another way. The slap or the slap only humiliates and undermines the dignity of the child.

Physical punishment was a very common practice in previous generations when a authoritarian and imperative educational modelHowever, today there is numerous information and studies by experts in psychology and pediatrics that indicate that raising the hand of a child it only generates problems of self-esteem, anger, resentment and violence.

While psychologists completely reject any form of physical punishment against the child, surveys of French and English parents say they do not believe that slapping a child is bad, as long as it is mild. The prohibition of the same would be considered by them as a attack on his authority before the child.

The Council of Europe is made up of 47 member states of which 27 have explicitly prohibited corporal punishment of children, but it is still allowed in another 20 countries. In Latin America: Venezuela, Uruguay and Costa Rica were the first to prohibit these practices both at school and at home. Brazil, Honduras, Bolivia and Nicaragua did so later, and Argentina was the last country to incorporate the prohibition into its penal code.

The French Foundation for Children has released this video in which it tries to explain that corporal punishment is never lightThat is, no slap is small.

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