Peach recipes for children

Peach recipes for children

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There are hundreds of varieties peach, but all share fantastic properties for children. For example, they provide large amounts of fiber and potassium. Also, although in smaller quantities, magnesium and iodine. And of course, many vitamins.

It is not one of the fruits that contains more sugar. So it is excellent when preparing desserts and sweets for the children. has selected a number of recipes that include peach. Some are aimed at the little ones, such as the recipes for fruit porridges and others at older children, such as the Danish stuffed puff pastry. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to include one of the most delicious fruits in your child's diet.

Danish stuffed with peach. Recipe for puff pastry buns stuffed with peach. Sweet recipe for children that includes fruit. Recipe with puff pastry for children. How to make puff pastry danish with peach step by step.

Gypsy arm with peach jam. Do you like the Christmas Log? Try this original recipe where the peach jam is incorporated, which you can substitute for peach in small pieces. A homemade recipe and very easy to make for Christmas dinner. A star dessert of the Christmas parties.

Peach and gooseberry star. Christmas desserts with fruits for children. our site shows you the step-by-step recipe to make a Christmas star with peach, cream and currant. Make a Christmas fruit star recipe for dessert.

Peach and melon popsicles. Children's snacks must be healthy and balanced, but always keeping in mind that we must look for children's recipes that suit their tastes. For a delicious and fresh snack you have these peach and melon popsicles.

Yogurt and peach cake in syrup. Desserts like this yogurt and syrup cake are an easy option to make with children and a very economical recipe to use. Dessert recipes for kids

Apple, peach and strawberry porridge. Strawberries are one of the fruits that children like the most. Include it in your diet with this porridge recipe along with apple and peach. A recipe that babies, generally, can try, starting at twelve months of age, and as advised by your pediatrician.

Melon, peach and apple porridge. The recipe for a delicious and homemade melon, peach and apple porridge for your baby. From 12 months you can prepare this recipe full of vitamins for babies. On our site we tell you what ingredients you need and how you can make this recipe.

Peach punch. How to make a peach punch, sweet and without alcohol, so that the children can also make a toast to the arrival of the new year. You are sure to succeed on special occasions like New Year's Eve, add other fruits and dare to experiment. our site wishes you a happy new year, with health, peace and happiness for all. Happy New Year!

Peach and apricot ice cream. How to make, step by step, a peach and apricot ice cream. Ice cream recipe with fruits ideal for summer. How to make an ice cream with fruit in a simple way.

Peach porridge. From the year of life, the baby can begin to eat more fruits. With this peach, pear and kiwi porridge you will give it a healthy food full of vitamins. Of course, feeding in the first years of the baby's life should be guided by your pediatrician.

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