The turtle. Short animal poems

The turtle. Short animal poems

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Poetry is an ideal medium for children to learn about their environment while increasing vocabulary, improve their expression and understand their emotions and feelings.

Poems are used at school by teachers, especially for children who have just learned to read and write, in this way they introduce the concept of rhyme in their learning and promote their ability to memorize.

A turtle was going

around the capital.

I was clueless

with so much coach.

I was looking for a store

I wanted to buy

a new hat

and socks a pair.

Bought a hat

and so elegant

left the store.

A tartan passed,

crossed a buggy,

a coach passed

and three bicycles.

And the little turtle

kept his head.

when again

his face peeked out

Poor hat!

he was run over

a tartanita

with a percheron.

The turtle said:

What a fatality!

I'm going to the field

What a disgusting city!

Gloria Fuertes

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