Stories and riddles with kisses for children

Stories and riddles with kisses for children

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Everything with kisses has a different flavor and taste for children. Waking up, eating, playing, bathing, sleeping ... Kisses calm and reassure, provide warmth and well-being, and do magic at all times with our little ones. And if we add stories and riddles to these kisses, the more fun they will be, and the children will go to bed more eagerly and fall asleep. There is nothing that 'cures' the fatigue, stress and fears of children than stories and riddles filled and decorated with kisses. What not?

Mario has been given riddles with a kiss. You know what is the first, and the second ... what is that? What is that kiss? Will it be fine? Will it be thick? Is it made of plaster? Does it have a bone inside? This is how the book begins Riddles with a kiss for good night, a calendar with riddles for each month of the year.

My body is thin and light,

My skeleton is made of sticks,

I travel up in the wind,

While you pull the thread

That I am?

A kite!

Many, many years ago there was such a powerful and evil wizard that he removed kisses from all tales. If you want to know how the curse was broken you will have to read Kiss stories for good night, a book with endless stories with kisses.

Remember that kisses are gestures that no matter how natural and universal they are, they are still important in the development of our children. Mom and dad kisses last forever, so we shouldn't waste a single opportunity we have to kiss our children. Today, don't forget, cradle your baby and lull your children with kisses. They will sleep like little sheep. Goodnight!

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