Winning and losing, wisdom for children

Winning and losing, wisdom for children

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How well victory tastes! Winning a match, a tournament or a game is a party for everyone and especially for children. However, just as important as celebrating victory is knowing how to lose and also doing it with dignity. This is a value that must be taught to children, because in the same way that we must respect rivals, we must be aware of our own virtues.

Getting angry after losing is normal, it is not just for children and putting into practice the famous phrase of consolation 'the important thing is to participate' is a challenge that requires effort and will on the part of each one. For children it is even more difficult because they do not have the emotional maturity necessary to control their feelings, they are very self-centered because of their condition as children, they want to be the center of attention of all those around them and they do not cope well with not getting what they want .

Children sometimes turn their playground, be it a court or playground, into a battlefield. They all want to have the upper hand, decide what to play, the formation of the teams, the rules of the game ... Thus, before starting to play they have already become little bosses, potential leaders those who like to decide what to play, how and with whom. Once in the game, some even cheat to get away with it and win at all costs, but winning or losing does not depend only on oneself, it is generally a team effort, to which each one must contribute their granite. sand and luck is a chance that also plays, sometimes in favor and other times against.

Having a bad loss leads some children to not want to participate in games or competitions when they suspect that they are going to lose, to abandon and to blame the coach or anyone else responsible for their regrets. We agree that losing with a smile is very complicated, but far from that almost unattainable ideal for the human condition, especially speaking of children, it is important to teach our children a grade tolerance to frustration so that the world does not sink at your feet when what you want is not achieved.

In this difficult task of educating children, it is essential that they understand that sometimes you win and other times you lose, that not knowing how to lose will make them dislike their teammates and that being a cheater to achieve victory will only get others to hang up the poster and prefer not to play with him because he does not practice fair play.

To achieve these goals, it is essential that children get used to hearing the word no, because he does not also educate, that they know the true meaning of the word respect, that will avoid the humiliation and ridicule of the loser, and that your example serves as a sheet path for the child's behavior in the future. Win some times and lose others is the price for enjoying a shared activity.

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