Children who speak to themselves are smarter

Children who speak to themselves are smarter

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There are people who say that those who speak to themselves have some kind of alteration or madness, or simply, they lack a screw, however, the reality is quite different, not only are they right in the head, but studies also reveal that there is a connection between intelligence and what is known as speak privately.

From the renowned psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos to studies at important universities, they reveal that talking to oneself aloud helps to think better, make decisions, organize thoughts and are even a tool for personal improvement. In conclusion, If your child talks to himself, let him, he's just very smart.

I have seen on many occasions how my children talked to themselves while playing and I remember my mother always talking to herself while doing things around the house. It always caught my attention and it turns out it's because ... they are so smart!

There are three situations in which children talk to themselves: after doing something, while doing something or before doing something. In all these phases, speech guides behavior. There are a lot of reasons why it is positive for a child to have these private talks, whether it is while playing, when walking on the street or when doing homework, these are just a few:

- The child learn to think as speaking aloud encourages logical thinking.

- It is an excellent vehicle for express feelings and emotions.

- Many children talk to themselves while playing and with this simple act they are stimulating language development.

- Promotes knowledge of the environment: the child is learning to understand what is happening around him through verbal explanation of the environment.

- Helps to organize thought: It is a great way to organize yourself to achieve some objectives or goals.

- Boost the efficiency when performing a task since the child is saying aloud all the steps he needs to perform.

- Help memory works faster because when translating what is thought into language favors the information being stored.

- Reinforces learning: if the child says aloud what he is doing, what he has to do or what he will do, it stimulates the ability to learn.

- Promote self-knowledge: By listening to his inner voice, the child knows better what he is like and why he acts in a certain way.

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