Accidents and broken teeth in childhood

Accidents and broken teeth in childhood

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It is not uncommon for the playing child to fall and break a tooth. If this happens, do not let it run, thinking that the tooth is milk and that it will fall out and the final one will come out. It is necessary to go to a dentist. The future health of this tooth of your child will depend on this, since trauma to a milk tooth can affect the permanent tooth.

Trauma can occur to temporary or permanent teeth. A strong blow can loosen, loosen, fracture, or displace the tooth. What to do depending on the case?

- If a tooth becomes detached from the gum, experts recommend placing it in a container with warm milk or putting it under the tongue (without washing it) and going to the dentist to have it implanted immediately. From half an hour or a maximum of one hour, if the tooth has not been reimplanted in the gum, the child may lose it. This is very important, especially in permanent teeth.

- The same procedure must be taken into account in the event that the tooth sinks into the gum.

- If only a part of the tooth has been fractured, for example the beak, dentists usually rebuild it with composite, a product used to make fillings.

- In the event that the break is deeper, a treatment in the tooth canals or a root canal, although only if the root is already fully formed.

If the break has not been treated, the tooth may change color and, after two or three days, it will turn a darker color. This is called pulp necrosis, it means that the tooth is already dead.

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