Easy recipes with sliced ​​bread

Easy recipes with sliced ​​bread

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The bread It is a very common food in the houses, it is a square bread that has a softer texture than traditional bread and it keeps much longer. There are many varieties: whole grain, without crust, with cereals or multigrain.

On our site we offer you a series of easy recipes for children's snacks or meals made with the typical box bread or sliced ​​bread.

Here you have a series of recipes for first courses and desserts made with ingredients that you surely have at home: sliced ​​bread.

French toasts. Easy French Toast Recipe for Kids. How to make french toasts for children's breakfast. Learn how to make the French toast recipe step by step. French toasts recipe for children. We will tell you how to make a quick and practical French toast for children's breakfast or snack.

Ham and cheese rolls. Ham and cheese rolls with a lot of imagination for children. A very easy recipe to prepare and that will also leave children with their mouths watering. Very suitable for snacks, dinner, or children's birthday parties.

Hummus sandwich with cheese. Hummus and cheese sandwich recipe for children's snack or dinner. How to make a healthy and balanced sandwich for children's snack.

French toast. Gluten-free torrijas recipes. Torrijas are a traditional sweet typical of Spain, which is usually eaten during Holy Week. If your child suffers from gluten intolerance, now he can have this delicious dessert with this gluten-free French toast recipe

Homemade bread. Onion bread recipe. our site surprises us with an easy, fast, healthy and very delicious recipe: onion mold bread, step by step, with photos. Ideal for breakfast and snack for children and pregnant women.

Chicken meatballs. Chicken meatballs with tomato sauce. An easy and quick recipe to prepare for the family. Meatloaf is one of the favorite dishes of children.

Banana and almond sandwich. Recipe for a banana and almond sandwich for the children's snack. How to make an original and nutritious sandwich with fruit for children.

Mix sandwich. How to make a hot ham and cheese sandwich. our site proposes an ideal recipe for the children's snack or dinner. Surprise your children with this simple and nutritious recipe.

Sandwich 3 in a row. The game of tic-tac-toe can be the star of your children's snack with this fun sandwich recipe for children, which will keep the most restless children at the table.

Russian fillets. Russian soy fillets recipe for children. If your child hasn't tried eating soy so far, this is a good time to try it. You are going to love these rich rich steaks made in a very homemade way and with soy. You will tell us.

Whole wheat sandwich with ham and cheese. Recipe for a very healthy and light sandwich for lunch. This whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs is perfect for children to have a balanced and complete diet.

Canape mummy. Mummy canapes recipe for halloween. A fun, curious and healthy recipe for the children's Halloween party: mummy canapes, made with bread, ham, tomato and cheese. our site offers us an easy recipe to make with children.

Star cabana. our site suggests a Christmas appetizer Christmas star for children. Christmas canapes for children. Learn how to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canape shaped like a Christmas star.

Canapes in the shape of a gift. If you want to know how to make Christmas Canapés in the shape of a gift, our site teaches you how to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canapes for children in the shape of Christmas gifts.

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