How long does a child need to eat?

How long does a child need to eat?

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Sitting at the table is always a pleasure, a rest and even a reward for a whole day's work. However, sometimes I complain because having to be aware of how my children eat, I do not enjoy meals as I would like.

As children go through stages, through growth peaks, through times when they are more or less hungry depending on whether it is summer or winter, whether it is hot or cold, whether they are ill or doing a lot of sport, sometimes I they seem to gobble up food and, at other times, dinners or meals have seemed eternal because they take too long to eat what is on the plate.

Approximately, we adults take an average of 20 minutes to eat, but how long should the children take? Certainly not the same as us. You should never expect a child to eat at the same time as an adult, it is logical that they go slower. Approximately, a 4-year-old needs 40 minutes to eat a first course, a second and a dessert. When time passes and we see that he is lingering around the food, that he does not want to eat, the experts say that it is best to remove the plate.

If reading this just makes your hair stand on end, don't panic. Experts point out that this technique is not valid for children who are underweight, nor for those who would live off air or are especially inappetent. It only works with slow eaters, but do not have any other associated problems. In these cases, it is best to reinforce him with an activity that he does not want to miss. It is convenient for the child to know that he must finish his meal in 40 minutes, and if he does it well he will be able to go to watch cartoons or play with his brothers. And to make it easier for your child, it is essential that you be fair with the amount of food you put on the plate.

Experts recommend that it be proportional to the age of the child and the time it takes to eat. While we would like her to eat potatoes, apple, and yogurt in addition to spaghetti and a steak, it is best to start with consistent amounts and goals that can realistically be achieved. Every mother knows perfectly what our children eat and what they don't. It is better to put an adequate and reasonable amount, before entering the game of forgiving pieces, so that children understand that they have to eat what is on the plate, as long as the amount is reasonable for them. However, when it is bad it is different. If he doesn't want to eat, let him, he'll eat later when he gets good.

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