The blue butterfly. Oriental legend for children

The blue butterfly. Oriental legend for children

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Eastern legends are full of wisdom. They often speak of fundamental values ​​and respond to existential doubts. For example, who moves the thread of our lives and whether or not there is a destiny.

In 'The blue butterfly', a wise man explains to some girls that their life is in their hands and that their decisions must be responsible because they will always have a consequence.

Bill a japanese legend, that many years ago, a man became widowed and was left in charge of his two daughters. The two girls were very curious, intelligent and always eager to learn. That is why they asked their father a lot. Sometimes their father could answer them wisely, but other times he didn't know what to answer.

Seeing the concern of the two girls, he decided to send them on vacation to live and learn with a wise man, who lived at the top of a hill. The sage was able to answer all the questions that the little ones asked him, without even hesitating.

However, the two sisters decided to ask the sage a trick question, to measure your wisdom. They looked for a question that he was not able to answer.

- How can we fool the wise man? What question could we ask him that he is not able to answer? - Asked the little sister to the older one.

"Wait here, I'll show you right away," said the older one.

The older sister went out into the woods and returned an hour later. Her apron was closed like a sack, hiding something.

"What do you have there?" Asked the little sister.

The older sister reached her hand into the apron and showed the girl a beautiful blue butterfly.

- How pretty! what are you going to do with her?

- I know what we'll ask. We will go in search of him and I will hide this butterfly in my hand. Then I will ask the sage if the butterfly in my hand is alive or dead. If he says she's alive, I'll squeeze my hand and kill her. If she answers that she's dead, I'll set her free. Therefore, whatever you answer, your answer will always be wrong.

Accepting the proposal of the older sister, you loved girls went to find the wise man.

- Wise- said the older- Could you tell us if the butterfly that I carry in my hand is alive or dead?

To which the sage, with a mischievous smile, replied: 'It is up to you, she is in your hands.'

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