10 names for boys that mean kindness

10 names for boys that mean kindness

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Kindness is one of the most important values, and a characteristic that all parents want for their children. Here we propose 10 names of different origins that refer to goodness.

Some of these names fell into disuse for years and others are becoming more and more relevant. In the list you will find original names and other more classic ones.

1. Tobias. It is a name of Hebrew origin and is linked to the goodness of God. Several biblical characters starred in this name. It is abrogated from the name 'Tobijah'. The feminine of this name is Tamara.

2. Declan. 'Full of goodness' is the meaning of this name of Gaelic origin and that comes from 'Deaglan'. Declan was a famous abbot of Ireland. This name is not very common. It is also found with its variant, 'Decla'.

3. Fulgencio. This name comes from Latin and refers to 'the one who shines for his goodness' and also 'the one who shines'. In Catalan this name is Fulgenci. In French, Fulgente. And in English, Fulgentius.

4. Eusebio. Name of Greek origin that symbolizes one who has good feelings. The feminine of this name is Eusebia. The diminutive of Eusebio is 'Sebi'.

5. Evando. This name, Evando, is also of Greek origin. It is not very popular, however you will find it more like the 'Evans' variant. Evando is a name that refers to someone who is considered 'a good man'.

6. Acacio. It is a boy's name of Greek origin. It means kind, candid and innocent and 'not malicious'. In Greek mythology Acacius is a nickname for Hermes, who was considered a benefactor of humanity.

7. Min Ho. It is a name that refers to the goodness of the child and his bright characteristic. It is of Korean origin.

8. Kiyoshi. This name of Japanese origin is associated with a calm, kind man with a big heart.

9. Patrick. Patricio is a name of Irish origin, with the feminine meaning of Patricia. It comes in turn from 'father' and symbolizes nobility and goodness.

10. Hasan. 'Beautiful and good' are the keys to this name of Arabic origin. It is the name of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, very popular in the Islamic world.

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