As long as you fall asleep. Poems for children

As long as you fall asleep. Poems for children

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Gabriela Mistral is one of the most important Chilean poets. Although her work is abundant, part of it is dedicated to children, and she was a rural teacher for 15 years.

His direct, simple and musical poems like this one: As long as you fall asleep, are perfect for reading to children and that they can approach poetry.

The red rose

caught yesterday;

fire and cinnamon

that they call carnation;

the baked bread

of anise with honey,

and the fish in the flask

that makes it burn:

all yours

son of a woman,

as long as you want

fall asleep at once.

The rose, I say:

I say the carnation.

The fruit, I say,

and I say honey;

and the fish of lights

and more and more too,

As long as you sleep

until sunrise!

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