The naughty accent. Short poem for children

The naughty accent. Short poem for children

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Learning to use accents correctly is not easy for a child. When to put the tilde? Why are accents necessary?

This funny poetry, 'The naughty accent', it will make children laugh while teaching them the difference between words that change in meaning depending on where they place the accent.

Thought a mischievous accent

that I was very bored,

what to play between the letters

it could be fun.

Between the letters jumped

knowing that his presence,

it was extremely important,

to make a difference.

Got in a word

where it did not correspond,

and altered the meaning

looking for what I wanted.

On the first syllable

in doctor was found,

but jumping to the last

in sharp turned it.


On the penultimate syllable

with i he slept for a while

and made the word serious

until he woke up.


Then to the penultimate

another little jump happened,

and the word before grave

by esdrújula changed


And how it started ended!

Treble, bass and esdrújulas

depend on your presence

That's why it's so important

pay attention and be patient.

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