Physical exercise combats depression before and after childbirth

Physical exercise combats depression before and after childbirth

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There is no doubt that well-controlled physical exercise improves quality of life, creates healthier habits, and helps maintain good physical and mental health. Some studies reveal that moderate and regular physical exercise during the different stages of pregnancy can also reduce the risk of depression before and after childbirth, in a healthy and effective way.

In fact, the sexologist recently Maria Felipa Gea LopezHe recalled that the exercise, practiced on a regular basis, will improve not only the muscular flexibility of the pregnant woman, but also her physical resistance and strength. In addition, it generates a feeling of well-being thanks to the release of endorphins.

It is a great mistake for pregnant women to remain inactive during and after the gestation period, since the anxiety and decline of women when they expect a baby are consequences, in many cases, of the discomfort they feel with the physical changes in her body. Physical exercise improves the conception of body image and positively influences self-confidence and mood in pregnant women, without them having to resort to antidepressant drugs and therapies.

With only 120 minutes of moderate, regular, unforced exercises a week, a woman can avoid a possible depression that, today, affects 11 percent of women during the prenatal period, and between 9 and 16 percent. cent after delivery. Today, in many gymnastics academies, there are already several options aimed at pregnant women, such as Pilates during pregnancy, kegel exercises, yoga for pregnant women, in addition to Shiatsu, a very relaxing massage, although the Swimming and walking are the most recommended and essential aerobic exercises during the prostrate, since the strengthening of pelvic sleep is important for the female reproductive organs to recover their state.

It is important for the woman to practice some kind of physical exercise during pregnancy, not only to prevent emotional and physical problems, but also to prepare her body for the moment of delivery. Of course, if you are pregnant and want to start some gymnastics, it is advisable that you consult your doctor first. He will consider both the stage of pregnancy you are in and your health, but generally there is no reason why pregnant women should not exercise.

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