When the baby stays seated

When the baby stays seated

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The first year of the baby is a trunk of surprises for parents, but at the same time it is a stage that requires a lot of attention and care. Since birth, the baby experiences changes not only in growth, height and weight, but also in abilities and skills. When you least expect it, for the fourth or fifth month, your baby will be able to stay seated and you will be filled with joy ... Yupii, my baby has sat down !!

Each stage of a baby is wonderful in itself. I remember very well that my daughter sat down when she was four months old. From being face down in her crib, I saw her try to roll over both to the right and to the left, as if she wanted to sit up. The effort he made with the muscles of his back and his spine was enormous. Sometimes she got tired and gave up, but when we least expected it, she was sitting up. We began to put her sitting on the floor and she staggered from side to side, seeking balance, as if she were a rag doll. We surrounded her with cushions so that she felt more secure and did not hit the ground directly, at first she always fell backwards or to the sides, and ended up with her legs up. What a wonderful time !!

Little by little my little girl was gaining her own control and balance. We saw her very happy when she managed to be seated, more than anything because I think that as her field of vision grew, she could see everything around her, and from a different and new angle. Sitting was a great effort but also a great challenge and encouragement for her, and for us, of course.

Babies on their own experiment and try different positions. Everything in its time, without obligations or pressure. To stimulate my daughter, I used to massage her after each bath. He massaged her back, her little arms and legs, and I think that relaxed her. The massage was the way I found to compensate her for the effort she was making to sit up., and reward her for her achievements and achievements. It seems silly, but sitting down being so small should not be easy.

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