8 things children should not do after eating

8 things children should not do after eating

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The act of eating satisfies one of the basic needs of every human being. When the child feeds, the transformation process also begins by which the food we eat is transformed into simpler substances to be absorbed by the body and thus obtain the necessary nutrients.

While the body is performing these processes, there are certain customs that the child must avoid, since make the whole process difficult and can even cause indigestion, stomach pain or gastric reflux. In We will tell you what things the child should not do after meals.

1. Take a nap: it is preferable to wait at least half an hour, especially if the child has eaten a lot, since otherwise, when lying down, the digestion process is difficult and may have stomach upset.

2. Walk: Although it has always been said that walking helps digestion, it is preferable not to do it in the first 30 minutes after eating as it can interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

3. Running, jumping or dancing: In the same way as when walking, it is preferable to avoid movement, especially if it requires energy doses, during the first half hour after eating. It could cause reflux, heartburn, and stomach pain.

4. Wear tight clothing: It can cause gastric reflux or even heartburn, children should wear loose clothing that does not oppress their stomach.

5. Take fruit: Although in many cases we use the fruit as a dessert, the truth is that some have enzymes that can clog the stomach and cause inflammation and stomach pain. It is preferable to take them for snacks or breakfast.

6. Shower: Taking a hot shower decreases the amount of blood that flows into the stomach as it flows to the extremities. This slows down digestion.

7. Take infusions: There are many infusions for children, but it is not advisable to give them after meals as the compounds they contain can interfere with the assimilation of nutrients and make digestion difficult.

8. Drink soft drinks or very cold drinks: they do not help the nutrient absorption process. It is preferable to drink water at room temperature and never in excess.

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