The funny illustrations of the daily problems of a pregnant woman

The funny illustrations of the daily problems of a pregnant woman

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Line Sverinsen, is a Norwegian illustrator and mother of two children whose drawings have been around the world. And is that after her experience during pregnancy, she decided to make some simple comics about the daily reality of a pregnant woman and the problems she is facing. Many mothers have felt so identified that their drawings have already been shared thousands of times.

These comic strips: Kos og Kaos (Mimos y caos in Spanish) illustrate in a very comical way the hardest part of pregnancy, a way to help other moms cope with humor, the changes they face.

If you've already been through the delicious experience of being pregnant, you won't be able to help but smile when you see these illustrations. Surely each one, like me, reminds you of an experience you lived. Now they make you laugh, and you tell it with humor, but nobody saved you from the monumental anger, rage, despair and crying for not being able ... to tie a simple pair of sneakers!

1. Tie your slippers or sandals when you are in the third trimester of pregnancy.

2. Hair removal becomes a work of engineering, you neither see nor arrive.

3. You will never have so many people around you again attracted to touching your belly.

4. Embrace your new tigress mom marks, they are here to stay.

5. Fear of breaking water in a public place ... Oh, not why me!

6. Realize how many people you hate when you go to choose a name for the baby.

7. The great fear of every man when he has sex with his pregnant wife.

8. But what am I going to have a baby or a kickboxer fighter?

9. Did you have cravings during pregnancy? Would you have given your world for a pickle?

10. Admittedly, you spend months watching birth videos and ... crying!

11. When you drop something in the last trimester of pregnancy and there is no way to pick it up.

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