5 tricks for your child to learn English without realizing it

5 tricks for your child to learn English without realizing it

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To learn English contact with the language cannot be limited only to the classrooms in which it is taught. What can parents do to help their children surround themselves with the language of Shakespeare? Here you have 5 simple tricks so that English is a language of daily use since childhood.

1. Set up all your electronics in English. Today, new technologies are accessible to a large number of people. We use them every day. The children too. Why not take advantage of them then? In order to promote the learning of English among young people, all it takes is a simple and quick gesture: configure electronic devices (Smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) in English. In this way, children will have a habit of reading and following basic instructions in this language.

2. Download fun apps to learn English. There is a wide range of applications for Smartphones specialized in teaching English and adapted to the level of each one. These applications are the perfect excuse for children to play with a phone while learning.

3. Watch videos in original version. Youtube is also a very useful tool to introduce English into children's everyday lives. In fact, the main advantage of this website is the great variety of content, which allows everyone to see what they like at any time of the day, regardless of the device, and all this in the original version. Consuming interesting, short and adapted content is a key element in the natural learning of a foreign language.

4. Participate in summer courses in English. For children to become familiar with English, it is important to associate the learning of this language with different play activities. And for this, there is nothing more efficient than learning and having fun at the same time! The adaptation of extracurricular activities in English is a good solution to motivate them. In this way, they will retain information more quickly and use English expressions without realizing it.

5. Read in English. Reading is a primary activity in all education. It allows to develop the sense of imagination and facilitates the acquisition of a language. Reading books in English is the easiest and most effective way for the child to assimilate the grammar and internalize the vocabulary in this language.

Source: Kids & Us English School

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