How heat affects pregnancy

How heat affects pregnancy

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If being pregnant already causes body temperature to rise (mainly due to hormonal changes), imagine pregnancy at more than 30ºC. Heat influences (and a lot) in pregnancy and it has physical consequences on the pregnant woman. It can also influence the baby and even push the time of delivery earlier. In addition, the pregnant woman must take special precaution against the sudden arrival of heat waves.

High temperatures cause blood vessels to contract as a 'cooling' method. This is why many people have swollen feet. Something much more visible in pregnant women, since your internal temperature increases during pregnancy. Heat can trigger a type of stress in the pregnant woman that induces the appearance of uterine contractions and increases the production of the hormones that trigger labor (oxytocin and prostaglandin).

Many gynecologists believe that premature deliveries increase during hot weather. In fact, the latest studies show that high temperatures shorten the duration of pregnancy.

Obviously, you are not going to lock yourself in an air-conditioned room all day, but you can avoid going outside at peak times of heat (between 12 noon and 3 p.m.) or try to get away from areas where more people are concentrated . Here are some other tips to help you better cope with high temperatures:

1. Use cotton clothes and very light

2. Keep the house cool. If you don't have air conditioning, open the windows first thing in the morning, close the blinds at noon, and reopen the windows at night

3. Don't go out never without your water bottle. You should drink a lot (between 1.5 l and 3 l a day). You will avoid dehydration and a sudden drop in blood pressure

4. If you sweat a lot, in addition to water, consume sports drinks and natural juices. You need an extra sugar and mineral salts

5. Don't leave the fan at home. Carry it in your bag

6. Bring a refreshing spray. Even if it's only water, it will come in handy for moments of maximum heat

7. Eat fresh foods: salad, fruits with a lot of water content. First of all, you have to maintain hydration. On the contrary, avoid heavy meals rich in fat and carbohydrates

8. Don't forget the protective cream. The skin is more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy. Add it generously if you want to avoid the appearance of those unsightly spots that appear during pregnancy: chloasma

9. Walk a lot to avoid swelling of feet and legs. Swimming will also come in handy

Heat can become a risk situation when it occurs to a 'heat stroke'. And this is given when the body temperature of the pregnant woman rises to more than 39º C. Apart from the high temperature, the symptoms of a heat stroke are:

- Red and dry skin

- Accelerated pulse and headache

- Dizziness, vertigo

- vomiting

Before any of these warning signs, you should go immediately to the emergency room.

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