6 tips to make your child fall in love with reading

6 tips to make your child fall in love with reading

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Not all children like to read. However, many of them do not read for lack of motivation. Or perhaps, because they have not yet discovered the advantages or benefits of reading a book.

For a child to like to read, must discover the books. No one better than parents to bring them closer to the wonderful world of letters. Do you really want your child to fall in love with reading? Write down these tips.

1. The amazement. It is essential to get the child to be amazed. To provoke curiosity and amazement in him at something new and fascinating. The amazement also, if you have an emotional bond with the person who gives you the book (a father, a mother, a grandfather or someone who is an example for the child), much better.

2. Fun. The book has to amuse and entertain you. The book cannot become a habit or a monotony for the child. It has to be something improvised that is fun.

3. Love. For a child to fall in love with reading, it is necessary to offer him, either through the book or through the person, love.

4. Shared reading. One of the ways to convey to the child a love of reading is to share the moment of reading a book. That parents read a story with their children, that they do not offer them a book and ignore it.

5. Use Storytelling. One way to encourage and attract children to the world of books is through the dramatization of the story. nothing better than a storyteller to get the children's attention.

6. Games. Reading can be much more fun if you play games. For example, you can dress up to tell the story. Or ask me to draw the protagonist of the story ... You'll see how they like it!

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