What harms sexual desire after childbirth

What harms sexual desire after childbirth

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For many couples, the arrival of a baby represents a revolution in their relationship. Beyond the new responsibilities, the obvious change in life or even the infrastructure involved in welcoming the new member of the family, the sex you can also resent it.

Being parents is such a big change that sexual desire can be altered after childbirth. In we found out what exactly impairs libido after giving birth.

1. Fatigue. After the baby is born, fatigue is accentuated in both the father and the mother, something that falls on the woman who has just given birth in a more pronounced way. The effort of pregnancy coupled with the episode of childbirth can lead to a time of exhaustion that makes the sex life it simply disappears after the birth of the child. This fatigue will be managed as the baby's growth progresses and the tasks of the house and the upbringing of the child are solved.

2. Inconvenience. Childbirth is a natural process that is not without a very high effort that causes a lot of discomfort once the episode has passed. Postpartum is a difficult time, as the body has to return to its place after having held a baby for nine months. In addition, the discomfort that you already have after giving birth could be increased during intercourse, and therefore the desire goes down, since you can fear painful intercourse after the baby is born.

3. Stress. The logical stress that the arrival of a baby supposes to the couple can make the mother, in addition to being exhausted, often feel seized by nerves, which could symbolize a situation so difficult that sex is in the background. The stress generated by the birth of the child can impair the sexual desire and lack of libido, which will increase as time passes after delivery.

4. Complex. For many women, the physical change that the body undergoes in the postpartum is a real revolution. Although many accept it as part of the natural process of being mothers, for many women it is very difficult to recognize themselves in the obvious physical changes in the body after pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, complexes that did not exist before may appear, giving rise to fears and insecurities who reject sex during the weeks after giving birth because they do not feel comfortable with themselves after giving birth.

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