What can happen if you don't vaccinate your baby with chickenpox

What can happen if you don't vaccinate your baby with chickenpox

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Vaccines for babies are always a controversial topic. Many parents follow the vaccination schedule to the letter and are aware of its importance to the health of their children. However, even today there are those who reject them and think they are harmful.

To raise awareness in this last group, some Australian parents whose child was not vaccinated for chickenpox, have shared on social networks the shocking photo of your baby showing the consequences that the disease has caused in your body.

The case of Elijah, 11 months old, has gone around the world. You have a disease that today is controlled in many countries thanks to vaccines: varicella. His mother, Kayle Burke, is not against vaccines, however, in Australia, where they come from, the health program establishes that babies do not receive the chickenpox vaccine until 18 months, so the little one has not yet he had defenses to fight disease.

His parents, alerted by the weakness of the little boy and by the serious blisters that appeared all over his body, took him to the hospital, where he was admitted until he managed to stabilize.

Kayle, shared these images on social networks explaining that "If you don't vaccinate your children you are a complete idiot. Think about the risk you are putting other children who are too young to be vaccinated. ”Elijah was discharged and his mom shared this photo to show how he is recovering.

1. The most common symptom of chickenpox is the outbreak of red spots on the skin, which turn into blisters, but it also causes fever, headache, tiredness, poor appetite and itching.

2. It is transmitted by contact, the possibility of contagion at school or at home is 90%.

3. There is no specific treatment for chickenpox, but there is to control symptoms such as antihistamines, antibiotics or antipyretics.

4. It is a disease that it happens only once in life since the body is immunized.

5. If the pregnant woman is infected, the baby could suffer malformations, especially during the first trimester.

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