Parents addicted to new technologies

Parents addicted to new technologies

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If parents are a mirror for children, what are we showing them? A few days ago I was eating with my children in a restaurant and suddenly a family arrived. The two parents with their two children sat at the next table. The parents then took out their cell phone and started playing with it. The children screamed, climbed on the chair, threw the napkin on the floor. They failed to get his attention. For 30 long minutes, their parents surfed the net abstractedly, oblivious to what was happening with their children.

It saddened me to see that scene. I imagined the day-to-day life of those children, who screamed in desperation for a few minutes to chat with their parents. And it got me thinking. What are we teaching our children? How far can the madness to stay connected to the networks 24 hours a day take us?

There is something that they will never be able to give us back: the time we lost while our children grew up. Their laughs, their games, their naive phrases. Suddenly they grow up and there is no going back. It will then be the children who ignore the parents and the parents who try to attract the attention of the children. It will be them, our children, who connect to the networks and isolate themselves from the world. Just as they saw their parents do. And it doesn't take long. It is becoming more and more common to see young children with a smartphone in hand.

It is estimated that one in every 1000 people is dependent on mobile phones and half of those under 17 years of age say they need a cell phone for their day-to-day life. They sleep with him and get up with him. With this panorama, What will the future of our children be like? How will they relate to others? And what worries us most as parents: how will they relate to us?

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