Games to stimulate balance in children

Games to stimulate balance in children

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As in all abilities, there are children who have more balancing ability What others. However, it is also true that with the right guidelines we can help our children to better control their balance.

Doing so may be possible if we think about it from the prism that can most motivate a child from fun: the games. Finding the best balancing games will help your practice and improvement.

If first of all we ask ourselves why it is beneficial to want to stimulate In this area to our child or our baby, the first thing we have to know is that the fact that they will not only achieve physical balance, but will activate many of their motor skills and the psychomotor skills of their body.

In addition, in the case of babies, it is also advantageous that we do movements in which the sense of balance is stimulated, since in this way their motor system will be activated and also their own cognitive habilyties.

Learn to stay rigid without much effort or wobble Too much is very important, and we can achieve it through the best games with which in addition to promoting balance, they will have fun.

The chalk game
In many schools, the game of chalk is all the rage, with which a structure is drawn to go 'lame leg' on the floor, and collect the chalk as it falls. In this way, they will learn to Keep the balance when they have to bend down for the chalk without putting the other leg on the ground.

The game of the ballerina or the crane
It consists of putting yourself in a dancer's position, that is, with your arms raised and joined with your hands, while one of the legs is supported on the other with the foot on the knee. If they manage to do one lap or more, this will win the one who can last the longest, balancing his body like a dancer. If it is that of the crane, it is not necessary to turn around, but to stay firm by moving your arms slowly.

The chain game
To play in a group to maintain balance, there is a game path that children tend to like. This consists of getting in line, resting your hands on the shoulders of the person in front. Later, each one will have to put themselves depending on the instructions of the first: to the 'lame leg', only supporting one hand,

The lift game
The balance can also be seen when you have both feet on the ground, and you try to keep stepping only with the heels, so that the one who lasts the longest without balancing wins.

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