How to prevent child falls from a great height

How to prevent child falls from a great height

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Children, in addition to being very curious about everything around them, have little sense of risk. We adults know the consequences of certain acts, while children, still in the learning process, do not know what will happen if they perform actions such as putting scissors in a socket, ingesting a bottle of cream, handling a razor blade or leaning out of a window .

One of the dangers associated with childhood is accidents from great heights. Open windows, unprotected balconies or terraces are potentially dangerous places if a minor is not supervised.

1. The example is always the best weapon that parents have. We are the first to we must not carry out risky actions in the presence of the childLike cleaning the windows by sticking your body out the window too much or leaning out of a terrace to water the pots.

2. We must eliminate all those elements that help the child to climb on a window or terrace such as flowerpots, planters, tables or chairs.

3. The changing tables or cribs should not be next to windows, which also must have locking elements.

4. We must think about what our child could do and anticipate possible dangers. We cannot think that the baby is not capable of crawling or walking, but rather that he has that ability to be able to put solutions in our home.

5. A 10-centimeter gap does not allow a child's body to pass, but part of it, such as the head, so elements such as bars on the windows or terrace could be dangerous and cause suffocation. They could also be a risk factor for others since the Japanese could throw objects from a great height and injure someone.

6. We must also think that the installation of safety equipment should not be an obstacle to the evacuation routes from the home that can save us in an emergency, for example, non-reversible bars on windows and balconies are obstructive in case of evacuation. by fire.

7. The safest elements recommended by experts are the certified fall arrest safety nets for windows, balconies and terraces.

SourceNational Association for Child Safety

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