From psychological pregnancy to contagious pregnancy

From psychological pregnancy to contagious pregnancy

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Do you know what a psychological pregnancy is? They also call it rapunzel syndrome, like the princess of the story. It occurs when a woman thinks she is pregnant and has all the symptoms of pregnancy, but in reality she is not. It is a psychological alteration generally due to a person's exaggerated desire to be a mother.

These women may even present with amenorrhea or lack of periods, increased volume of the belly and breasts, nausea, vomiting and sleep disorders, all of them common symptoms of pregnancy.

Not only can women suffer a psychological pregnancy, it also happens to man, but it occurs when his wife is actually pregnant. She wants to give so much support and help to her partner that she ends up believing she feels everything she feels and assuming everything that is happening to her.

What things can the power of the mind do! All the discomforts and symptoms that a pregnancy itself presents is enough to imagine them, don't you think? Of course, each person and their psyche is a world.

Psychological pregnancy is not very frequent, fortunately not the other side of the coin: women who reach the end of pregnancy without knowing that they are expecting a baby. The main reason for this fact is the excessive desire to be a mother, although there are also other causes such as the fear of having had unprotected sex (it happens especially to adolescents), the need to support a partner or for some reason depression.

The power of the mind and psychology play a primary role in these cases. It's more, Do you know that not only can an imaginary pregnancy occur but it can also be contagious? In a study conducted at the University of Bamberg in Germany, the behavior of 42,000 women in 7,600 companies was analyzed. The researchers found that during the year after a woman was pregnant, many of her partners also became pregnant. The explanation they gave is that some women experience the desire to be a mother when they see a pregnant friend, relative or partner.

Phantom pregnancies, contagious pregnancies, sympathy pregnancies ... Be careful with our wishes and thoughts that can play tricks on us.

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