Roll recipes. Easy and fun cooking

Roll recipes. Easy and fun cooking

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The rolls are a great way to present traditional recipes in a more original and fun way, something that helps us with our children's food, especially with those who are less appetizing.

Whether they are meat, vegetables, pasta or even sweet rolls, in You will find endless ideas to make delicious rolls for the whole family's lunches and dinners.

To make the rolls you can use both cakes or crepes and other ingredients, here is a sample.

Tortilla rolls. On our site we have made a simple tortilla roll with ham and cheese, but you can improvise and add your favorite ingredients. Enjoy your meal!

Asparagus rolls. On our site we have prepared an exquisite and very healthy homemade recipe. With some delicious asparagus from Navarra and a bit of York ham we have created flamenquines or rolls that are hard to resist. Learn to make this recipe with the help of your children.

Eggplant rolls. Eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese. At GuiaInfantil we encourage you to make delicious eggplant rolls with cheese that will delight the family. Especially from your children, as they love this nutritious dish.

Chicken rolls with vegetables. Chicken rolls with vegetables from our site. Easy and quick recipe to make for children's lunch or dinner. our site offers you a step-by-step recipe for stuffed chicken with vegetables for children. A light recipe that children will surely love.

Meat and zucchini rolls. Fun recipes are the best way we have to teach children to eat everything, like these meat and zucchini rolls.

Zucchini rolls. At picnics or children's parties, it is convenient to prepare quick and simple recipes for children such as zucchini and cheese rolls, an easy snack. This recipe is ideal for those who do not have time to cook. An easy recipe to prepare, with the participation of children.

Smoked salmon rolls. If you want a light starter that is easy to prepare, you have these smoked salmon and cheese rolls. A recipe for children with many vitamins and nutrients, low in fat to control childhood obesity.

Ham and cheese rolls. Ham and cheese rolls with a lot of imagination for children. A very easy recipe to prepare and that will also leave children with their mouths watering. Very suitable for snacks, dinner, or children's birthday parties.

Spring rolls. Spring rolls are one of the most traditional and well-known Chinese dishes. You may have eaten them many times, but have you tried cooking them?

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