How to treat nephews without spoiling them or interfering with their education

How to treat nephews without spoiling them or interfering with their education

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We have all had that great uncle or that aunt who has a prominent place in our memory, but are we that uncle or that aunt for our nephews? Have we won their trust, affection or heart?

Being a good uncle goes directly to having a close relationship with nephews, knowing about their lives, their hobbies or being all ears to listen to their problems or their victories. But how can you be a good uncle without interfering with your parents' education?

If you have several nephews, it is easy to feel more attracted to one of them, either because he reminds you of you when you were little, because you think he needs more support, because he was the first or because he is especially affectionate with you. It doesn't mean that you don't care about others, but there is generally a certain predilection.

It is also easier to feel more attracted to the children of your siblings than to those of your partner, at least this is how a micro-survey carried out in the writing of Although it is also true that in all surveyed they had more relationship with their family than with their partner. Does it happen to you too?

The relationship between an uncle and his nephew can be as important as that of a grandfather with his grandson, even if it seems to be secondary. An uncle has a very important job, they can be a playmate, a confidant, a role model to look at, a shoulder to cry on ... However, some of these tasks can interfere with the parents' work, how to do it right ?

- Talk to parents: sets rules and limits. Make it clear or negotiate how far you intervene and abide by their decision if, for example, you are taking care of your nephews and their parents decide that they have to go to bed at 10 and not at 12 as you want. On the contrary, if you think they are too strict, try to give them your point of view in a reasoned way and make them understand that they may be taking things to an extreme.

- Do not treat your nephews as if you were their father: your job is not to set the rules, but you can create a climate of trust so that they can tell you those things that they do not feel comfortable talking to their parents.

- Gives support: In situations of conflict between parents and children, you can become a mediator of the family, in these cases, it is not convenient to openly position yourself on behalf of anyone. It is preferable to maintain a neutral position that helps both of you reach an understanding.

- Spend time with your nephews: You can teach them certain skills or knowledge that their parents, due to lack of time, cannot, be it cooking, making a home garden, making crafts or teaching them things about the stars. They are experiences that you will keep forever.

- Beware of gifts: don't come home with the latest video game if her parents don't approve of it or any other gift they don't want her to have, either because it's too expensive, age-inappropriate, or she hasn't earned it.

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