What prevents you from doing tummy at the end of pregnancy

What prevents you from doing tummy at the end of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is certainly a unique moment in a woman's life. They are 9 and a half months during which changes take place in your body as your baby grows and develops. It is quite a discovery during the first pregnancy to feel the first kicks, see her heart beat on the first ultrasound or finally have her in your arms after delivery.

A pregnancy is full of beautiful and endearing moments, but it is not without discomfort, in addition to the typical ones there are also the difficulties in the final stretch of pregnancy. This is when you feel tired, hot, awkward in movements, eager to meet the baby or distressed about the time of delivery.

1- Get off the ground. I sometimes sit on the floor to play with my children. Getting up at the end of the game doesn't seem like a daunting task, but when you try it with a belly of almost 8 months, things change. Have you seen the turtles when they are face up? Well, it is something similar. A good trick is to shrink your legs and get on your knees to get up from that position, even if we look like old women instead of young women in the prime of their lives.

2- Take off your boots or put on sandals. High boots are in fashion and with leggings they look great in pregnancy. Putting them on is relatively easy, but ... how do we take them off? The other day I had to ask my older son to help him pull the heel of the boot because there was no way. Not to mention how to fasten simple sandals if we are in summer, sweats enter me just thinking about it.

3- Cut your toenails. It is a very common act of hygiene that is usually done after showering. It does not require major complications ... unless you have a huge pregnant belly. This is when reaching out with the scissors and cutting in the exact spot becomes a feat of engineering.

4- Paint your toenails. At the end of pregnancy it is not advisable to wear them painted and, if you go into labor, you have to go with your fingernails and toenails without any cosmetic. However, and until that time comes, why are we going to do without showing off our feet with perfectly painted nails? Ok yes, there is another reason. Painting your nails requires precision and reaching them with the gut in between and not getting out is not an easy task. I resort to brightness avoiding strong colors so that small errors with the brush are not so noticeable.

5- Depilate. The legs are simpler, but the English ... what pregnant can see the English? There is no way. There are two solutions to be able to put on a swimsuit and go to the beach or the pool in perfect condition: go to a waxing center so that a professional can do it in our place or do it at home with the help of a strategically placed mirror.

6- walk fast. If you have to get to a place on time, it is convenient to leave early. As the pregnancy progresses, the legs tend to separate and you acquire that typical 'duck' gait, with the legs apart and a rocking movement. That fact, along with the fact that the volume and weight of the belly is increasing prevent going fast to the sites, even if you want to. You can try ... and you won't.

7- Sleep in one go. In my case, after the seventh month there is no way to achieve it. The volume is such (my belly is usually very large in pregnancies) that on my back I cannot breathe well, on my side I end up getting tired and due to many cushions between the legs and tricks that I put into practice to acquire a good posture, while it stops being comfortable. Not to mention all the nightly visits to the bathroom, and the bladder is king. It is therefore impossible to sleep all night.

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